Update June 19, 2018

If you’re visiting for the first time, you may want to read the main article before reading this update for background.

Currently Lewis Arthur is sitting in Alpha Camp 60 miles from the Mexican border, northwest of Tucson, in Marana, Arizona.  He is  minutes away from two neighborhoods and a school and 25 minutes from the UPS store his team visits 4 times a day to pick up packages and “blessings” from his donors.  In his latest video, it’s clear that he reads his own press.

Criticized for setting up his operation so far from the border, Lewis now claims he has other Forward Operating Bases closer to the border that we can’t know about.  He shows us a map of the human trafficking corridors his “teams” are “pounding.”  They’re here and here and here.  Lewis went up here and down there today.

Lewis Arthur shows us the many arrows on his map.

They’ve found important things, but we can’t see them, although there are new pictures of them finding trash in the desert. They have secret maps of additional corridors (marked up with “blacklight pens”, no doubt purchased with a gift card) but we can’t see them.  There have been no arrests or rescues as a result of #OperationBackyardBrawl, but Lewis claims that the Border Patrol is now making arrests because his teams are flushing the cartels from their dens out into the open.  His army of one hundred volunteers never appears in any videos, it’s always the same ten or so people, though the nice old couple from Utah who stayed for a week did a great job watching everyone’s vehicles.  It’s all working, all this running around in the desert so far from Mexico, just take Lewis’ word for it.  Even if there are no more skulls or rape trees, this is now a four year operation, and it’s taking place on God’s timeline, not yours.

Lewis continues to be surrounded by enemies.  The Native Americans on the reservation are dirty.  The local ranchers are in bed with the cartels.  A flood control official from Pima County came out to see Alpha Camp (they are a bunch of desert naïve commandos camped in a flood plain at the start of Monsoon season after all) and without even knowing what the man wanted, VOP doxxed him on Facebook so that their conspiracy minded followers could look for ties to the Clinton Foundation and Cemex.

VOP is going to fix our child trafficking problem.  How?  According to Arthur, by throwing out the rulebook and doing what everyone told them not to do.

Even though:

  • The Oath Keepers sent out to help with Lewis’ investigation, in their latest webinar, said VOP should stick to housing homeless veterans.
  • A former Tucson Police Officer who dealt with Lewis at Bravo Base has been driven to make videos debunking Arthur’s claim the sex camp was not investigated.
  • There still hasn’t been a woman or child rescued.
  • VOP hasn’t turned anyone over to the Border Patrol.
  • It is unclear whether VOP has actually seen ANYONE during their mission thus far, though they have found lots of empty water bottles and backpacks.

You want to know something though?  Lewis Arthur is winning.  He continues to win as long as his faithful send him drones and gift cards, as long as his team brings home truckloads full of “blessings” and as long as his followers continue to support his fantasy and pay his bills while he plays soldier in the desert.

Lewis keeps repeating that this “Isn’t about Lewis Arthur”, though history has shown he has never managed to build anything bigger than himself.  There was a Delta Base near Prescott in 2017.  Lewis left it to be run by others and it quickly fell apart.  The original Alpha Base also failed within days of Lewis leaving.  Lewis is the one with the charisma and the imagination.  He is the one with the gravelly voice and military bearing who talks convincingly of ops and God and children being abused in cartel dungeons.  Lewis is the one who charms and impresses and sometimes scares (in a good way) his large base of followers on social media and keeps the donation machine rolling.  VOP is Lewis Arthur and Lewis Arthur is VOP.  If by chance Lewis does end up serving time for his current assault case before the Tucson Criminal Court, #OperationBackyardBrawl will go the way of all the bases that preceded it.  He can say that it isn’t about him until he is blue in the face.  It is, it always has been.

Arthur’s answer to everything is “If you don’t believe me, come on down here and pound sand.”  As someone who has been observing Arthur for years, I can tell you that’s really not necessary.

Lewis rants and raves as well as the best televangelist.   He brings his followers to tears with tales of his violent past and his redemption while in the meantime, manna rains down from Heaven in the form of  Circle K fuel cards, Visa gift cards, night vision goggles, trail cameras, infrared scopes, body armor, combat boots, ammunition, motion sensors, drones and on and on and on.

If your elderly mother is considering sending gift cards to this man purchased with her social security or disability check, please have a conversation with her and let her know that he will waste it playing dress up in the desert.  Trafficking is real.  VOP will not fix it.




2 thoughts on “Update June 19, 2018

  1. Hi. I am writing to ask who the author of this content is? The content is signed SL. Who is SL please? Kind regards Sarah


  2. May I ask you, what are YOU doing to continually provide for the homeless vets & those who have addictions — and what are you doing to run trafficker’s out of convenient land passage ways on the U.S. side of tge border?

    I understand Lewis may not have yet found any abused people, however, by their presence they are making it inconvenient for illegals or traffickers.

    You are boldly & brazenly discrediting him. Ok, you can do that.

    So, I ask YOU, what are you doing to help those who served in our military & need help now? What are YOU doing to help those with addictions? What are YOU doing to rescue those who are trafficked? What are YOU doing to protect our borders?

    And btw, WHO ARE YOU who believes you have a right to interefere in the activities of those who desire to donate of our own free will to Lewis OR any organization?


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