Update May 2022

Note: this update was written in April 2022 and I just got around to posting it. River Jennings was located April 30 and his Mother was taken into custody.

I have seen a lot of renewed interest in Lewis Arthur and this page recently due to Arthur’s involvement in a child custody case in Idaho.

Since I published this piece in 2018 Arthur has been involved in too many ‘ops’ and scandals to mention: arrests, imprisonment, campaigns against the water and humanitarian aid left in the desert by Humane Borders and No More Deaths. Collection of funds and donations for ‘Angel Towers’ in the desert never built. Continuing involvement at the border. Personal scandals including affairs with volunteers and divorce…

And now, the resurrection of his ‘Walking For the Forgotten Ministry’ and involvement in the case of River Jennings.

Lewis has moved most of his multimedia activity to a couple of Telegram channels. I won’t post links here because I don’t want to give them publicity, but as usual Lewis shows his mastery of social media. He has many thousands of followers, posts regular tirades and grabs onto any movement that can get his face on the news: illegal immigration, QANON, veterans issues and child custody cases involving CPS and local governments. The “supply lists” and grifting for donations has continued, interrupted only during periods when Lewis was behind bars. When you google the various permutations of his name, it is a parade of mug shots.

For those who have had Lewis enter their lives, I can only say “I am sorry and I feel for you” I can also offer some updates and advice:

  • Lewis Arthur always paints a picture of a nationwide army of volunteers, hundreds or thousands strong. In reality it is always just him and 1-2 lost souls with enough time on their hands to camp out in the desert, collecting a few illegal immigrants unfortunate enough to walk into his camp. Lewis turns them over to border patrol (usually after illegally interrogating them, searching their phones and possessions and confiscating what he deems to be ‘evidence’ of the cartels)
  • His recent operations and videos of ‘rescuing children’ consist of children literally walking across the border on roads used by BP and turning themselves in to the first person they see. This is intentional, unaccompanied minors know they will not be deported and someone has sacrificed dearly to help them escape harsh conditions in Central America. These videos keep the grift operation in high gear, with boomers sending gas and money cards to the savior of the kids in the desert.
  • Most recently Arthur has made the claim that his ‘ministry’ has a network of ‘300 safe houses’ across the country to shield children from unjust custody battles. As usual, Lewis is lying. VOP and his ministry currently consist of Lewis and one other volunteer.

Even taking the above points into account, the fact remains that Lewis is tireless and he is not unintelligent. He knows how to walk the knife-edge of the law, takes advantage of the fact local agencies are understaffed and slow to act, and he can make your life completely miserable. He recognizes no authority and makes ambiguous threats. He shows up at offices, protests in front of agencies and people’s homes, always trying to make himself seem bigger than he is, more threatening than the small man with the loud, gruff voice railing against local judges, civil servants, reporters and civilians.

Relationships with Lewis never last long, there are only a few people in his life who have stuck around. Almost all who have volunteered with him over the years now will tell you he is crazy and should be in jail.

But the grift remains, always the same, with white christian women sending Lewis whatever they can spare, and they can spare a lot. The man hasn’t had a job in decades. Yet he can still afford vehicles, equipment and trips from Arizona to Idaho, etc. He knows his audience, the demographic never changes.

I was contacted by a production company for Netflix interested in his story for a series on scandals fanned by the Internet. My attention wandered and I never got back to them, and I don’t know if they pursued the story.

I have no idea where River Jennings is today, but Lewis only has a few strong relationships, he has no network. If I were law enforcement I would be looking at those few people willing to do him a favor, if he is indeed really involved in the child’s disappearance or just using it to further his grift.

Recent VOP ‘Supply Requests’

Until now Lewis has never been violent. While I don’t disagree with the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center label him and his few followers as a hate group, sometimes I feel like they just add to the image, the smoke and mirrors Lewis is trying so desperately to project: VOP and his other meaningless organization names as something huge and menacing, with a large base of support and an army of volunteers. Maybe he should be labeled as a ‘hate individual’ because that is what the reality is. It’s just him, with no more wife with a job at a fancy pharmaceutical company to fund his ‘ops’, increasing his need for donations from his Telegram followers and the occasional mentally questionable ‘volunteer.’

I feel for the child’s father, and as always my hope is Lewis crosses another line, the machinery of local government finally revs up, and he gets put back in jail where he belongs.

EDIT June 2, 2022:

I wanted to note that there are many other good sources of information about Lewis Arthur and people who watch him far more closely than I do nowadays. Nic Martin of SPLC has done an amazing job tracking Arthur’s activities. Tim Steller of The Arizona Sun, one of Arizona’s treasures (Tim that is, but The Sun too), has written many great articles exposing Lewis’ seemingly unending appetite for flouting the law. The Twitter accounts @pieper444 and @VerigoKennLove are excellent sources of information about Lewis including his recent fanning of QANON flames in Sasabe, AZ.

One thing to remember is that when I chose to write about Lewis Arthur in 2018 he was still getting mainly positive press, including major network features about things like Bravo Base in Tucson and his activities in Phoenix. I had one objective at that time: to stop this man’s veteran grift and endangerment of veteran lives.

Veterans and veteran causes are near and dear to me, and Lewis was a bad actor taking advantage of community goodwill.

My goal has largely come to pass. Bravo Base was condemned and bulldozed by the city of Tucson. There are no more homeless camps or at-risk vets staying in unsanitary and dangerous conditions under Lewis’ watch. Arthur knows this part of his life is over, despite still running around. calling himself ‘VOP’, a name that was never grounded in reality to begin with. He has moved on.

Lewis spends his time mainly focusing on illegal immigration and QANON child sex trafficking conspiracies nowadays. His involvement in the Jennings case was a disturbing development but aligns with his current line of grifting. It’s also ironic, one of the ‘patriots’ Lewis was friends with many years ago who lent him a place to stay in Phoenix told me Arthur would call CPS on his enemies for revenge.

I would like to hope that at some point Arthur stops everything. His obsession and involvement with children is way worse than his obsession with veterans. Unfortunately the man doesn’t have a job and never tires of inventing new ‘godly’ operations, jail is the only break we get, so let’s hope he ends up back there soon.

Lewis Arthur in 2022, same grift, different decade, see you back here in 2032


Pedophile Networks and Rape Trees – The Strange Saga of Lewis Arthur


Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer
Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer

Recently a story out of Tucson, Arizona went viral.  A group dedicated to rescuing homeless veterans had stumbled onto a child sex trafficking camp in the woods near route 19 at a Cemex property, 40 miles from the border with Mexico.  The Facebook live streams were captivating.  The group insisted this could be nothing other than a “cartel rape camp” for trafficked children.  The group found hair dye and children’s toys.  A buried septic tank was identified as a holding cell for young victims.  Pieces of hose and straps nailed to a tree at “child level” were said to be restraints, and the tree in question was most definitely a “rape tree.”

Law enforcement was called and responded to the scene.  The veterans group angrily proclaimed on Facebook that the responding officers didn’t investigate properly. They then occupied the site, hanging an American flag from the tower of an abandoned cement factory.  The veterans group placed personnel with rifles at various positions should the cartel sex traffickers return.  They collected “evidence” they claimed law enforcement ignored. This high­­­ drama was captured in livestream after livestream.

This is the story of Michael ‘”Lewis Arthur” Meyer, the leader of the group Veterans on Patrol and the star of these compelling Facebook Videos, as told by someone who has observed his activities closely over the past 4 years.   As you will find reading this article, I don’t believe much of what Lewis Arthur has to say, but I do believe this:

“I used to walk with the devil hisself.”

– Lewis Arthur in a recent Facebook Video, explaining his criminal background     and redemption

While the devil may have vacated the place it occupied in Lewis’ soul from his days as a violent criminal, it is my opinion that same devil just hopped up onto his shoulder and it is still whispering away.

Let’s Start a Happening – Lewis Arthur in North Carolina

Not much about Lewis Arthur’s life before he came to Arizona has been published, beyond his criminal record and charges against him in various states including assault, burglary, domestic violence and drug possession.   Arthur uses Facebook as his social media platform of choice, and knows his target demographic well.  A lot of the information on Facebook concerning Arthur has disappeared over time (see the next section “The Many Profiles of Louie Prepper”), but an early mention still exists from 2013.  A shared post by a fellow North Carolinian was located.  Lewis had written anti-Obama and Hillary Clinton remarks in soap on the windows of his S.U.V.  Edgy stuff like “Hillary 4 Prison” which surely cops in North Carolina vehemently disagreed with.  The Facebook post included a photo of the vehicle and painted an outrageous picture of local law enforcement.  They had unlawfully detained Louie Prepper over his political slogans, infringing on his first amendment rights.  The local Sheriff was corrupt, and Louie had a list of demands.

Lewis SUV
Lewis Arthur threatening to surround the police department

While this was not much of a happening, you can see the seeds germinating in Louie Prepper’s mind and the beginnings of his modus operandi.  This was a small start but a significant one.  Lewis Arthur would use this same approach on a larger scale with every “operation” he conducted from that point on:  A discovery of injustice, an expression of outrage, involvement of law enforcement that would never follow up, a list of demands, a vow to his social media audience that if the government wouldn’t do its job, Louie Prepper would.

The Many Profiles of Louie Prepper

One of the reasons Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer is so hard to tack down is that he uses Facebook exclusively for social media.  Over the past four years he has had several profiles appear and disappear.   Lewis himself has had multiple profiles under the name “Louie Prepper” and Veterans on Patrol have had countless profiles, including profiles for the various bases.  Early videos that would shine a lot of light on the progression of Lewis Arthur’s activities have also gone the way of deactivation, but I watched them all when they were still accessible.

Louie Prepper Facebook Profile
One of several Louie Prepper profiles created by Lewis Arthur over the years.

The stated reasons for these profiles that popped up and later disappeared were manyfold: splits in content across pages, schisms and hostile Facebook takeovers by others in VOP, abandonment of his homeless camps and most recently, a claim that he had lost his phone.

The purported loss of his phone led Lewis to deactivate all of his social media profiles.  He created a new “Louie Prepper” profile with a handful of friends (which may be gone again as of the writing of this article), and this is the interesting part, created a new profile for Vets on Patrol entitled “VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski” ONE DAY before stumbling onto his rape camp.

It was a fortuitous coincidence.  Louie Prepper now had both a clean slate and a perfect platform for his rape camp narrative.

Bundy Ranch and Climbing Light Poles

Arthur was a participant in the standoff with Federal Law Enforcement at the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada in 2014.  Social media posts exist with Arthur designating himself the organizer for Arizona Oath Keepers and 3%’rs, informing everyone they should coordinate their travel to Nevada with him.  Whether Arthur was given this responsibility or it was self-designated (his usual approach), he was never a major player in the standoff and was forced to leave after an incident involving glow sticks and a government drone strike Lewis insisted was coming.  The glow stick incident contributed to the nickname “Screwy Louie” which many of the Bundy participants still refer to him by to this day.  Arthur did make the acquaintance of several Patriot group members during this time, connections which would go south quickly during the occupation of the Malheur bird refuge in Oregon in January of 2016.

Lewis Arthur first hit the news in the Phoenix Metro area when he climbed an 80 foot light pole in Surprise, a town near Phoenix.  Arthur stayed on the top of the pole waving an upside down American flag for four hours.  When police were able to get him down, he refused to tell them why he had climbed the pole, but made loose statements about veteran rights and the treatment of veterans.

Lewis was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.  His response was to climb the same light pole again a month later.  This time Lewis only stayed up there for 2 hours and again was talked down and surrendered to police.  Once again he made statements about “concerns for veteran rights.”

This stunt got Lewis Arthur a lot of publicity, which he obviously enjoyed.  It was fascinating to watch his mission morph and twist.  Slowly Arthur’s statements were less general, and now focused on two things: veteran suicides and the rights of veteran Edwin Cordero, a man who Arthur claimed was being shafted of his V.A. benefits and unjustly denied in a child custody situation.

The story line was the same as North Carolina, but on a grander scale.  Arthur performed a stunt and then slowly crafted his mission for attention and for his social media audience.  The Surprise Police Department, the Mayor of Surprise, the people who ran the Municipal Sports Complex next to the light pole… all were part of a vast conspiracy against Arthur, against veterans and against the constitution.  No one in power was doing their job, so Arthur was going to do it for them.

This was a strange time for Arthur.  He would rave about veteran suicide but then relate it all back to Mr. Cordero, who was very much alive and was not suicidal.  Arthur claimed things like he was going to go the Surprise Sports Complex, from which he had been banned due to his proclivity to climb their poles, and watch Cordero’s children swim (Cordero didn’t have custody at the time, his ex was also part of the conspiracy, I don’t think Arthur followed through with this creepy “op”).  He claimed even at this point to have “teams” picking veterans up.  The message was vague and confused at times, but one thing was clear.  Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer was great on Facebook.

Lewis Arthur on Surprise Light Pole
Lewis Arthur on an 80 foot light pole in Surprise, AZ

Stumbling In – The Founding of Veterans on Patrol

He was known in town now for his light pole climbing antics and Lewis Arthur started referring to himself both as the head of a ministry and as a veteran advocate.   He was about to up the ante and embark on his most spectacular operation yet, the founding of Veterans on Patrol.  It should be pointed out here that Arthur is not a veteran, although many assume he is due to his mode of dress and mil-speak, and he doesn’t disabuse anyone of the notion.  He is the right age and seems like the right guy to have been toting a machine gun in Afghanistan.  This “borrowed valor” is covered well in Mersh’s excellent article “Lewis Arthur & His Sex Camp Hoax”.  In fact, Arthur’s extensive criminal record prevents him from carrying a firearm.  During the years of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Arthur was busy walking with the Devil.

Lewis Arthur in Full Regalia
Lewis Arthur in Full Regalia

Veterans on Patrol (VOP) started with a bang.  A Facebook live video was posted by Arthur claiming a horrible injustice was occurring near 19th Avenue and Camelback in Phoenix.  According to Arthur, a large group of homeless veterans living in a vacant lot were being repeatedly victimized by Mexican drug gangs.  The veterans’ phones were being stolen to be used in gang-related drug deals.  One veteran had three of his phones stolen.  This was the primary claim, although in follow-ups, he claimed veteran benefits were also being stolen by the same gangs.

Lewis Arthur and Tristan Knight on Camelback
A picture of Lewis Arthur and a fellow patriot at 19th Ave and Camelback Rd in Phoenix, site of VOP’s first “Alpha Base”

The story on its face didn’t make much sense.  Phoenix like other large metro areas has a large homeless population.  As far as homeless veterans, almost all of them have been “touched” by experienced navigators for local veteran services groups.  The vets who remain on the streets are often either mentally ill or not ready to meet the requirements for local shelters and programs, including giving up drugs and alcohol.

That area of Phoenix is largely residential.  It is not an area with a lot of places for gangs to descend on the population.  Upon investigation by law enforcement, the large camp of homeless veterans had mysteriously disappeared. There were no reports or people to report the alleged phone thefts, nor was there any evidence presented in Arthur’s videos of the veterans, the thefts or the Mexican gangs.  That didn’t stop Lewis Arthur.  We simply had to take his word for it.  After all, the storyline touched nerves and veteran sensitivities in the community, and Lewis Arthur was great on Facebook.

Arthur cranked up the calls to action and publicity, and an empty lot was donated by a local businessman.  Lewis had found his “Alpha Base”.

Like every highly publicized incident involving Arthur, he stumbled in with no knowledge and no real plan.  When the story hit television and the newspaper, donations, including gift cards and supplies, poured in for VOP Alpha Base.  He setup tents and gathered local homeless, only one of which was a confirmed vet.  Highly regarded people in the veteran services space saw what Arthur was doing on the news and went to meet with him.  Their conclusion was the same of all of the true experts in the areas Arthur stumbles into: he had no idea what he was doing and was difficult to work with.  Arthur didn’t want experts.  He wanted fame.

Arthur made false claims about veteran homelessness and was unaware of the services already available, like the CRRC who offered shelter and a range of services to get veterans their benefits.  He played to emotion and it resonated with citizens who believed him.  The donations got larger and larger.  Finally, here was someone helping the vets.  The area around 19th Ave and Camelback became a sideshow, with Lewis’ volunteers escorting homeless people around a densely populated area with AR-15s strapped to their sides.  The videos became Lewis’ first real Facebook soap opera.  Here is Lewis talking to the cops, here is Lewis making hot dogs, here is Lewis inflating his claims and referring to Veterans who weren’t really there.

The city of Phoenix requires permits and sanitation for anything resembling what Arthur was trying to build, and several orders to vacate followed.  Arthur, of course, claimed that the Phoenix Police Department and Mayor were infringing on his rights, ignoring homeless vets and conspiring against him.  He demanded to see the Mayor.  He demanded to see John McCain.  Finally after a 90 day ultimatum from the city, Arthur moved Alpha base to another property.

This became a pattern.  Alpha base would spring up somewhere, only to be informed by the city that it couldn’t be there.  In his mind, the conspiracy against Arthur and homeless veterans raged.  There were several Alpha Bases as it bounced around.  Now it was in the city, now it was up north, now it was over in Mesa.

Alpha Base Mesa
The Beautiful Alpha Base in one of its many locations, this one in Mesa, AZ

Slowly Meyer tuned his message.  Now he was working with other groups and the CRRC, helping veterans get their benefits and HUDVash housing.  He seemed like he understood veteran benefits and had an expert’s feel for the system.  The conditions at the alpha base camps in the meantime, included reports of primarily non-veteran homeless engaging in drug use and violence.  Sexual assault was reported, and later we’ll talk about the mysterious death of VOP’s cofounder, Navy veteran Tristan “Batman” Knight.

The final blow for Alpha Base came when Meyer occupied a flood plain owned by the reservation and managed by the Arizona Department of Transportation off the 202 freeway in March of 2017.  The reservation police demanded Arthur leave.  The Department of Transportation demanded he leave and put up signs declaring it restricted property.  Both groups warned Arthur about the potential for flash flooding.

Arthur was granted multiple reprieves while officials tried to work with him.  He raged on Facebook about the latest conspiracy.  The tribe, ADOT, the local government and police were all infringing on his rights and victimizing homeless vets.  His homeless were picking up trash in the desert so they shouldn’t have to move.  This is another disturbing pattern.  One of local officials and agencies trying to work with Arthur to, as Arthur always says, “#doitright”.  Everyone wants to help veterans and many of these agencies saw a misguided man with a good cause.  Arthur could never seem to work with these officials and eventually they just gave up and evicted him.

True to its designation, the flood plain flooded, ruining the camp, all of the donated supplies (which continued to pour in at a fast and furious rate), and putting the health of the camp residents at risk.

Then Batman mysteriously drowned in one inch of water, his phone and gun on his car seat.  Arthur left for Tucson, and hunkered down with his Bravo Base located there.  Social media profiles disappeared and he was uncharacteristically quiet.  Though there was some social media talk of moving again to Chandler, for all intents and purposes, Alpha Base was no more.

Tristan "Batman" Knight
A friend’s tribute to Tristan “Batman” Knight, VOP’s co-founder who died under mysterious circumstances at Alpha Base

Alpha Base Reborn
The final Alpha Base off McKellips Rd in Mesa, AZ. Arthur was warned about the danger of storms and flooding when he occupied this land managed by ADOT but he refused to move.

During the founding time period of VOP, Meyer also found time to inject himself into the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary Standoff.  This has been covered in other places, but speaks a lot to Arthur’s reputation amongst his fellow patriots.  When he injected himself into this occupation, fistfights with his former comrades ensued and he was accused of being both an informant and an attention seeking agent provocateur.

This was a productive period in Lewis Arthur’s career as Minister Veteran Advocate.   In the time it takes to say “gift card”, Lewis could come up with a new operation on the spot:

#OperationSafeSleep, #OperationNorthernExposure, #OperationDetainMcCain, #OperationBackyardBrawl, #OperationWasteNoMore, #JusticeForVeteranAlexCordero, #BringBackOurMarine (Andrew Tahmooressi)

There are too many operations to discuss here, including VOP – Walking for the Forgotten (and the related #BBQingForTheForgotten) a 22 day walkabout to highlight veteran suicide.

We Got Ops
You want ops? We got ops, brother. #getyousome


Tucson Bravo Base

With the dissolution of Alpha Base, Arthur hitched his wagon to his remaining stalwart.  Bravo Base in Tucson had also bounced around at first, and the typical drama happened initially with TPD and the city.  Arthur wasn’t #doingitright, he had to move.  Standoffs occurred; calls to action went out, cordons were formed, gift cards poured in.  This is probably the time to point out that Arthur has not held employment since 2002.  It is assumed during his pre-Arizona days he supported himself via theft and other illegal acts based on his statements about his past and his rap sheet.  Since arriving in Arizona, he has survived on donations to his ministry and Veterans on Patrol.

Bravo Base - Camp Conklin
VOP Bravo Base in Tucson, AZ

Arthur had his problems in Tucson, which he claimed was drug and crime infested and crawling with homeless vets.  Things turned out better for Bravo Base, however.  Arthur was given a large piece of private property for Bravo.  He built his camp and continued his ministry.  The police and local authorities continued to have problems with him.  Arthur insisted on patrolling the local parks and his VOP volunteers were even making citizen’s arrests.  The police told him he had to stop.  Arthur said, and this may sound familiar, if law enforcement wouldn’t do their job, he would.

The issue that the police had with Arthur was his zeal.  He saw drug deals and crimes where none existed.  He was harassing local citizens including a teenager who had an AR-15 pointed at him by an overly eager VOP recruit while walking home in his own neighborhood.  Again, they saw a man with a noble mission, but a seriously flawed approach and character.

Arthur became obsessed with Santa Rita Park, which is across the street from Bravo Base.  The park includes both a baseball diamond and a skate park.  Arthur has run countless “operations” in this park with names like #OperationDragonfly and #OperationParkSweep.   When the local Neighborhood Association took issue with Arthur’s operations, armed patrols and harassment by VOP volunteers, Arthur  declared that VOP was “at war” with the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association.

Santa Rita Association
Bravo Base declares that the local Neighborhood Association has mobilized drug dealers and homeless addicts against them.  The flyer shown was prepared by the neighborhood association.

In the early months and Spring of 2018, Arthur was feuding with the landlord about  the 2 acres of property Bravo Base is located on in Tucson.   The landlord was asking for funds for property taxes, had shut off the electricity and was threatening to evict VOP from the property.  Bravo Base declared itself a “Self-Sacrificing Organization” where money is not accepted and government regulation is not recognized.   In typical righteous style, Arthur wrote to the landlord (who had donated this land to VOP at no cost two and a half years previous and paid for utilities) demanding an apology and listing grievances.  The very ground for Arthur’s only remaining base, Bravo, was at risk of being taken away.

Letter to Landlord p1
Lewis Arthur published this letter to Bravo’s landlord to Instagram April 3rd 2018. It included the caption “Refusing to bow to greed”

Letter to Landlord p2
Second page of letter to landlord signed “Respectfully Disgusted, Lewis Arthur”

Less than 2 months before the discovery of the “rape camp,” Arthur was juggling wars with his neighbors and more importantly, a feud with his landlord that could potentially cost him his remaining base.

Rape Trees

Now it is time to discuss Lewis Arthur’s biggest op yet.  Things were humming along at Bravo Base in Tucson, but publicity had dropped off and his landlord was threatening to pull the plug.  As mentioned previously, Arthur reported losing his phone and wiped out all Social Media accounts.  He started a new account called VOP – Alpha Co – Team Pulaski and one day later while traipsing through the woods near the Valencia exit on Route 19, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer discovered the rape tree.

Lewis Examines the Rape Tree
Lewis Arthur, cigarette in hand, examines the “rape tree”

The story started with the discovery of an abandoned camp at the above mentioned location.  Arthur went public with FB live videos.  He assured his social media audience this was no normal homeless camp.  There was hair dye, children’s toys, a buried septic tank that looked like a kiddie cell, a knife with what he claimed was blood on it and there was the tree.  A tree in the camp had straps of fabric and hose tacked to the trunk.  Arthur was sure these were restraints for sexually assaulting children.  He called it a “rape tree” and insisted this camp could be nothing other than the hub for a child sex trafficking ring.

Arthur was an expert.  He knew regular homeless camps, he was the homeless advocate.  He had homeless men from Bravo Base with him.  This was worse than anything he had ever seen.  It was the cartels, he said.  They were using this camp to hold, molest and traffic children.

Child sex trafficking is a very real and terrible problem.  It is also a very sensitive issue that fills the public with dread and disgust, including imagining their own children in danger.  This was a cartel run sex trafficking camp and here was a guy who was going to do something about it.  Though there were doubters and alternate explanations for everything at the camp, social media began to catch fire.  That’s when Craig “Sawman” Sawyer came into the picture and the likes and shares went through the roof.

Craig Sawyer

Craig Sawyer is a former Marine and Navy Seal with a good reputation and a large following.  He is a true American Hero, a highly decorated sniper in Desert Storm.  Craig is currently filming a documentary about child sex trafficking with his organization Vets For Child Rescue and he has a proven record of assisting victims of child sex trafficking.

Craig Sawyer
Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, decorated Marine Sniper and Navy Seal

Craig heard about the camp discovered by Veterans on Patrol and decided he would investigate.  He claims he was misinformed initially and told that children were found on site in the camp.  Initially Sawyer toured the site and went on air in a video supporting Arthur’s claims.  Arthur in turn, used Sawyer’s video as vindication of his find and crowed to anyone who would listen that Sawyer was an expert and he had pronounced that Lewis was right.  Sawman has 150k+ followers on Facebook and as mentioned, has a good reputation.  The social media machine went nuclear.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, headed by Tucson PD, visited the site.  They examined the finds, took pictures and took evidence.  They even brought in a cadaver dog per the demands of Veterans on Patrol, who had now occupied the unused Cemex cement facility and hung their banner from the tower.

According to Sawyer, there are 9 police reports, documenting 8 visits by over 20 officers.  In other words, law enforcement took the claims seriously.  The conclusion of Tucson PD was that there was no evidence indicating this was a camp used by child sex traffickers.  The cadaver dogs found no bodies, even though Lewis Arthur claimed there were bodies and that they had started digging but stopped because the smell was too bad.

Sawyer stayed silent for a few days and then, after examining the police reports, issued his final statement on the camp.  His conclusion?  He believed law enforcement and did not think evidence showed this camp had anything to do with child sex trafficking.  By this point Veterans on Patrol had amassed a substantial following with over 50,000 likes on their Facebook page and thousands of shares and comments for every video Lewis Arthur created forwarding the narrative of the “rape camp”.

Facebook was aflame and the personal army of housewives and prayer warriors Lewis Arthur had amassed were not going to accept Sawyer’s 180.  They attacked every post on his YouTube and Facebook pages.  They called him a shill.  They said he had been compromised and issued his retraction for money.  Arthur claimed to have conversations recorded with Sawman and even published his phone number in a Facebook post.  Arthur’s now legion of fans besieged Craig Sawyer with threats and attacks.

Defending Lewis Arthur
One of Arthur’s faithful describes her attempts to defend him against Sawman.

One of the major ironies of this event is that Arthur’s #OperationBackyardBrawl as he was now calling it, became viral on the back of Craig Sawyer and now VOP was doing everything they could to discredit him, including multiple videos and doxing him.  The feud continues, and it is hard not to have pity for Craig Sawyer, whose enthusiasm in his initial video statement has ended up costing him dearly.  In the war between Craig Sawyer and Lewis Arthur, Arthur’s faithful have decided to follow the former criminal and attack the Navy Seal.

Weaponized Autism and Boomer Beckys – Lewis Arthur’s Private Army

#OperationBackyardBrawl was on.  Lewis Arthur declared war on the cartels and put out a call to action.  Come to Southern Arizona, he said, there is a place here for you, helping us fight evil.  At the time of this article, Arthur has over sixty thousand followers on Facebook.  Many are female, and they are defending this man they saw for the first time in a video a week ago with the zeal of the converted.  Everyone is a shill.  Lewis is doing God’s work.  This is for the children.  If you disagree you are a pedophile.  The attempts to discredit Lewis simply prove the righteousness of his mission.  Thousands upon thousands of comments, praising Lewis, thanking God for him, saluting the vets (of which he is not one) and then there are the donations.

Spaghetti Prayers
A Lewis Arthur supporter has her children say a prayer for him over their spaghetti.

Based on Facebook videos and comments, Arthur is receiving tens of thousands of dollars worth of donations daily, headed into six figures soon if not already.  Videos show pallet after pallet of supplies and fat stacks of gift cards.

“I sent you $200 from my disability check in Home Depot gift cards.  God bless the vets,” is a typical comment.  We’ll discuss the donations and the status of Arthur’s organization in the section entitled “House of Gift Cards”

Disability on the Horizon
A Lewis Arthur supporter prays for the resources to send him donations.

The conspiracy theorists have also taken off on this and run with it.  Cemex is a donor to the Clinton Foundation.  Cemex has locations all over the world used for sex trafficking.  There are pedophilic symbols in the logo of a local school and planned community.  The mayor of Tucson is a Rothschild…

There is enough conspiracy glow around this for Chelsea Clinton to have called it “Pizzagate 2.0”.  This just inflamed the autists and stay at home Moms.  If Chelsea Clinton is trying to discredit this, there must be something to it.  There is danger in this level of hysteria and conspiracy theory as demonstrated by Pizzagate, with an armed gunman showing up at a pizza parlor in D.C. demanding to see the basement.

Chelsea Clinton Tweet
Chelsea Clinton tweets about Lewis Arthur. Louie has hit the big time.

Arthur’s videos continue.  When there hasn’t been one in a while, his social media fans clamor for it.  He releases multiple videos a day.  They found a baby skull.  They found a victim of human trafficking (who they later decided was lying and turned over to ICE). They found another rape tree.  They are on the trail of the coyotes.

Skull Diagram
VOP shows us why it’s 100% for certain a child’s skull

He continually amps this up.  He promises new discoveries he can’t tell you about.  Evidence he can’t show you.  He captures the good people of the camp drinking Mountain Dew you paid for.  He has a “Drone Air Force”.  He has been given land by local ranchers for FOBs.  He disses the haters and praises God.  This is God’s Work after all.  Through it all there is the gruff voice, the oakleys, the haji scarf, the tac gear, the milspeak.

Lewis Arthur’s Facebook Live Videos are reminiscent of the Ghost Adventures shows on television.  Much is promised, rarely does anything happen.  If there is a noise or a mote of dust floats across the screen, it must be a ghost, or in Arthur’s case, a “rape tree.” Arthur often contradicts himself or brings up and then drops subject matter.  He says he will give illegal aliens “sanctuary” from law enforcement, he says we don’t need a border wall, he curses his detractors, rationalizes his criminal past and invites everyone to come and “get them some.”  He promises much, but shows little.

Still, Lewis Arthur is fucking magnificent on Facebook, so keep sending those gift cards.

Why Discredit the Man?

Louie at Safeway
Lewis Arthur and friend, #doingitright at Safeway

A question asked often on Facebook is along the lines of:

“Why are you attacking Lewis Arthur?  Regardless of his past he uncovered this pedophile camp and is doing good.  Why are you making it about character attacks on him?  If I send him gift cards to support his mission it is because I want to.”

The answer to this question is that Lewis Arthur deserves to be investigated and vetted.  This child sex trafficking camp is his narrative and any finds, research or conclusions are based upon his discredited claims.  Lewis has never shown any conclusive proof of sex trafficking activity, though he hints at evidence you can’t see.  His videos make claims that somehow are miraculously not captured, even though everyone has cameras and we have hours and hours of him speaking.

Some of Lewis’ claims:

  • He claims Cemex or Tucson PD bulldozed the original camp site, though there are no real pictures to confirm.
  • He claims he was shot at by a man on an ATV, but we just missed that one.
  • He sent his “Drone Air Force” into the air and saw what are known survey markers, large concrete white X’s used by airplanes and satellites to calibrate their positions. Arthur made the outrageous and embarrassing claim that these were markers for child sex trafficking routes and they led right to Cemex properties.
  • He claims the child’s skull he found had vertebrae attached and there was a decomposing body you could smell. The skull is bleached and far past decomposition, nothing else is shown.  Law enforcement indicates it was only a skull and that it belongs to a man in his twenties.
  • He “finds” the skull in an area littered with human remains far out in the desert 20 miles north of Tucson, and nowhere near the “rape camp” he discovered.
  • He says there is a bloody knife, and while we are shown a knife, take his word that little spot there is blood.
  • He found a random illegal and decided the man was a victim of trafficking. He took off with the guy before ICE could arrive (called by local business owners) and brought him to his FOB.  He decides the guy is untruthful and calls ICE himself.  His naiveté in the area of illegal immigration and trafficking is cringeworthy, and this is about trafficked children so he picks up a random 22 year old man. (they have since removed these videos)
  • He supposedly discovered another rape tree, only this one we can’t see.
  • He exposes Craig Sawyer’s number to the internet and claims he has the truth. He plays 3 seconds of a recorded call with Sawyer (along with showing the numbers and names of everyone he has spoken to and recorded in the last month) where Sawyer says “I’ll be at the site in 15 minutes” and presses stop.  It’s a major reveal.  His personal army applauds and attacks. (this video was also deleted, Arthur claimed because it hit 5000 “likes”, but more likely one of the people he unintentionally doxxed complained)
  • VOP volunteers broke into a house in the desert, assuming it was a “rape house” and tried to destroy a closed circuit camera the owner was using to watch the property.
  • Lewis Arthur encouraged his followers to search for child pornography on the Internet to vindicate his rape tree theories.  He asked that his followers “find this shit because it’s out there”, meaning pornography which included the rape tree camp.  This has the potential of getting many of his followers, including well-meaning older and religious followers who may not be aware of the law, arrested.

Arthur is in prime form, however, and like previous episodes, is now tuning his message to be more acceptable.  Now he is working with other child rescue organizations onsite.  Now he says there are bodies all over the desert, something he seemed not to know before.  Now he is conducting an “evidence class” for his volunteers by a member of the OathKeepers.

This scenario has everything in common with previous Lewis Arthur soap operas.  Injustice is uncovered.  Law Enforcement is violating Lewis and VOP’s rights, ignoring evidence, discarding vets, refusing to do their jobs.  There is a conspiracy against Lewis led by the police brass and the City of Tucson.  If law enforcement won’t do their jobs, Lewis Arthur sure as hell will… and this time people, it’s for the children.

Arthur is always careful not to insult the “boots on the ground” cops.  They’re all great guys who understand and agree with his mission.  They’re prevented from doing their jobs by the brass and laws passed by Obama.  The conspiracy is everybody, just not them.

Finally, in answer to the question “Why attack Lewis Arthur”, there are the donations and the diversion of good will that could go to legitimate organizations.  In terms of good will, it’s not the zealots who would donate regardless.  It’s the friend of a friend who has some money to give.  A friend he respects tells him there are some guys doing good things at the border.  The guy takes it at face value and sends gift cards to Lewis Arthur rather than donating to an organization that can actually help.

Pounding Sand

Throughout his Facebook Live Videos, Lewis Arthur insists that his detractors are keyboard warriors, while he and his crew (and he says this continuously) are down there in the desert “pounding sand”.

What remains unclear is what all that “pounding sand” is accomplishing.  Arthur has random groups of armed VOP volunteers roaming the deserts around Tucson in 110 degree heat.  He mentions grand plans: Men on mountaintops, helicopters, cordons of warriors confronting the cartels, forward operating positions, confrontations with dirty ranchers.  He says of the cartel we’re going to “stack these guys” indicating more than just a search and rescue mission.  It is clear that Lewis Arthur does not know what his mission is or what his pounding sand is going to accomplish.

Lewis and VOP on Patrol
Lewis Arthur and Veterans on Patrol “pounding sand” In this case, breaking into a private residence they had decided was a “coyote den”

As mentioned above, his live streaming of the encounter with the illegal young man showed that he had no understanding of illegal immigration, immigration law, trafficking law, the desert around the border.  It was cringeworthy to the extreme, and trumpeted with the headline “Possible Victim of Human Trafficking Found” (these videos were since removed)

There are a lot of bad outcomes that could happen with Lewis Arthur’s mission.  Volunteers unused to Tucson desert extremes could drop from heat stroke.  An illegal or fellow citizen could be blown away by an overly eager volunteer.  Arthur mentions he checks DD-214’s for his veterans but never mentions a criminal background check on his volunteers.  He plans to rescue children and possibly place them with volunteers whose background he is unfamiliar with.  There could be a standoff with law enforcement.  The conspiracy threads surrounding this could lead to violence against an innocent city council person or realtor.  Ranchers Arthur has determined are “dirty” could be assaulted or killed.  Arthur has stated in his latest (as of this article) video that he allows his teams to create their own ROE (Rules of Engagement) and he stated that combat veterans lead the teams and they decide when it’s okay to open fire.  The possible scenarios are endless and frightening.

More Effective than Border Patrol
An Arthur support proclaims VOP “more effective than border patrol” even though #OperationBackyardBrawl has resulted in no arrests and no victims rescued.

Lewis loves to mention conspiracies but then take the conversation right back to God.  His God.  A strong God.  Lewis encourages these conspiracies and by all reports was a believer in FEMA death camps among other discredited ideas.  In his most recent videos Arthur has mentioned CEMEX multiple times and indicated the trails he has “discovered” all cross CEMEX properties.  He is fanning the flames of the CEMEX conspiracy.

A Lewis Arthur Supporter Exposes CEMEX
A Lewis Arthur Supporter Exposes CEMEX with claims of involvement in child sex trafficking

A House of Gift Cards

It's Raining Gift Cards
Donated gift cards shown in a photo from the VOP Facebook Page, including a VISA gift card which could quickly be converted to cash

Finally we come to a big area of concern with Veterans on Patrol: donations and gift cards.  Arthur claims transparency, but there is no indication he is even logging donations.  The status of Veterans on Patrol is unclear.  At different times Arthur refers to it as a church and a Samaritan organization.  What’s clear is the fact that it is not a 501c3 not for profit.  It is unclear whether Lewis can legally accept these donations of supplies, gift cards and apparently property for his bases.

Lewis Arthur’s supporters point to the fact that he solicits donations in the form of supplies and gift cards.  He does not accept cash.  This is probably because:

Gift Card Thread
Lewis Arthur supporters discussing gift cards.

Again, the status of Lewis Arthur’s VOP organization is unclear and his record keeping is an unknown quantity.  The State Attorney General of Arizona needs to look into VOP’s finances to determine if they are #doingitright.

At this point in his “operation”, Lewis Arthur and VOP have 60,000 followers on Facebook.  He is being sent daily deliveries of drones, multi-hundred dollar tents, tac-gear, night vision goggles, infrared scopes, walkie talkies and base stations.  This doesn’t include the gift cards.  If only 1000 of Lewis’ followers donated $100, that’s $100,000.00 in donations.  This is most likely a very low estimate and the average donation, when you figure in $800 drones, $200 radios, $400 cameras and stacks and stacks of gift cards, is probably well over $100.

VOP Supply Request
One of the VOP “Supply Requests” that are posted daily on Social Media.  The response in comments is overwhelming.

The donations could well lead to Lewis Arthur’s downfall.  This operation is probably far bigger than he expected.  A convicted felon with a non-registered charity taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations sounds like it presents a very real opportunity for a government investigation.  Lewis and VOP cannot stop broadcasting the donations in live feeds, nor the “unboxing porn” showing the “blessings” received, because this is what keeps people donating to his operation.  The necessity of Lewis’ direct involvement and these “blessing” videos are a major Achilles heel in #OperationBackyardBrawl.

Donor on Social Security
One of VOP’s followers on Social Security asks what it is appropriate to send. A gift card is recommended.

As attacks against his operation have escalated, Arthur has done his best to mellow his online persona.  He still rants and raves about things like adult underwear found in the desert, but in other videos, he tries to present as a calm, cool and rational man who is just trying to save children.  One personality is #gettinghimsome, while his more rational twin is just #doingitright.  Send gift cards to whichever one appeals to you more, or maybe you like them both.

Rational Lewis
With resistance to his mission increasing, a kinder, gentler and seemingly more rational Lewis Arthur has appeared in some of VOP’s Facebook videos.

As the likes continue to spin up and the donations hit the UPS Store like an avalanche, one thing is still clear: Lewis Arthur is the King of Facebook.


Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, #DoingItRight

Stay tuned for more updates on the activities of Lewis Arthur and Veterans on Patrol by staff reporter following the action from Tucson, Stephen Larpington.


Update June 19, 2018

If you’re visiting for the first time, you may want to read the main article before reading this update for background.

Currently Lewis Arthur is sitting in Alpha Camp 60 miles from the Mexican border, northwest of Tucson, in Marana, Arizona.  He is  minutes away from two neighborhoods and a school and 25 minutes from the UPS store his team visits 4 times a day to pick up packages and “blessings” from his donors.  In his latest video, it’s clear that he reads his own press.

Criticized for setting up his operation so far from the border, Lewis now claims he has other Forward Operating Bases closer to the border that we can’t know about.  He shows us a map of the human trafficking corridors his “teams” are “pounding.”  They’re here and here and here.  Lewis went up here and down there today.

Lewis Arthur shows us the many arrows on his map.

They’ve found important things, but we can’t see them, although there are new pictures of them finding trash in the desert. They have secret maps of additional corridors (marked up with “blacklight pens”, no doubt purchased with a gift card) but we can’t see them.  There have been no arrests or rescues as a result of #OperationBackyardBrawl, but Lewis claims that the Border Patrol is now making arrests because his teams are flushing the cartels from their dens out into the open.  His army of one hundred volunteers never appears in any videos, it’s always the same ten or so people, though the nice old couple from Utah who stayed for a week did a great job watching everyone’s vehicles.  It’s all working, all this running around in the desert so far from Mexico, just take Lewis’ word for it.  Even if there are no more skulls or rape trees, this is now a four year operation, and it’s taking place on God’s timeline, not yours.

Lewis continues to be surrounded by enemies.  The Native Americans on the reservation are dirty.  The local ranchers are in bed with the cartels.  A flood control official from Pima County came out to see Alpha Camp (they are a bunch of desert naïve commandos camped in a flood plain at the start of Monsoon season after all) and without even knowing what the man wanted, VOP doxxed him on Facebook so that their conspiracy minded followers could look for ties to the Clinton Foundation and Cemex.

VOP is going to fix our child trafficking problem.  How?  According to Arthur, by throwing out the rulebook and doing what everyone told them not to do.

Even though:

  • The Oath Keepers sent out to help with Lewis’ investigation, in their latest webinar, said VOP should stick to housing homeless veterans.
  • A former Tucson Police Officer who dealt with Lewis at Bravo Base has been driven to make videos debunking Arthur’s claim the sex camp was not investigated.
  • There still hasn’t been a woman or child rescued.
  • VOP hasn’t turned anyone over to the Border Patrol.
  • It is unclear whether VOP has actually seen ANYONE during their mission thus far, though they have found lots of empty water bottles and backpacks.

You want to know something though?  Lewis Arthur is winning.  He continues to win as long as his faithful send him drones and gift cards, as long as his team brings home truckloads full of “blessings” and as long as his followers continue to support his fantasy and pay his bills while he plays soldier in the desert.

Lewis keeps repeating that this “Isn’t about Lewis Arthur”, though history has shown he has never managed to build anything bigger than himself.  There was a Delta Base near Prescott in 2017.  Lewis left it to be run by others and it quickly fell apart.  The original Alpha Base also failed within days of Lewis leaving.  Lewis is the one with the charisma and the imagination.  He is the one with the gravelly voice and military bearing who talks convincingly of ops and God and children being abused in cartel dungeons.  Lewis is the one who charms and impresses and sometimes scares (in a good way) his large base of followers on social media and keeps the donation machine rolling.  VOP is Lewis Arthur and Lewis Arthur is VOP.  If by chance Lewis does end up serving time for his current assault case before the Tucson Criminal Court, #OperationBackyardBrawl will go the way of all the bases that preceded it.  He can say that it isn’t about him until he is blue in the face.  It is, it always has been.

Arthur’s answer to everything is “If you don’t believe me, come on down here and pound sand.”  As someone who has been observing Arthur for years, I can tell you that’s really not necessary.

Lewis rants and raves as well as the best televangelist.   He brings his followers to tears with tales of his violent past and his redemption while in the meantime, manna rains down from Heaven in the form of  Circle K fuel cards, Visa gift cards, night vision goggles, trail cameras, infrared scopes, body armor, combat boots, ammunition, motion sensors, drones and on and on and on.

If your elderly mother is considering sending gift cards to this man purchased with her social security or disability check, please have a conversation with her and let her know that he will waste it playing dress up in the desert.  Trafficking is real.  VOP will not fix it.